Become a Peer Mental Health Navigator

Do you want to learn more about mental health and help your community?

We offer free, online and live training sessions (5 sessions) on topics such as:

  • the importance of mental health to overall health;
  • cultural perceptions and stigma relating to mental health;
  • fundamentals of mental health; common diagnoses;
  • socio-ecological and structural factors that impact mental health (e.g. racism; poverty; violence, etc.);
  • how to help someone experiencing signs of mental illness or in crisis;
  • how to advocate for yourself; how to lead and facilitate conversations around mental health;
  • acting as a peer navigator: how to connect people to community resources and providers.

Our online training is in English and in Spanish, takes place over six weeks, and includes five online lessons with accompanying weekly live sessions which are 75-90 min each. Our English and Spanish trainings are facilitated by the MHM team with licensed mental health practitioners. Those who complete the training in entirety will receive a certificate of completion, a modest stipend, and will be eligible to participate in Mental Health Matters community events (and serve the broader region) as Peer Mental Health Navigators.

Upcoming cohorts

  • In English: Coming in January 2023 (Registration is now OPEN!) Click on the QR code on the flyer below or use this link to register:
  • En Español: Comienza en Abril 2023 (Las inscripciones se abren en Marzo.)

View a flyer in English HERE and el foyeto en Español AQUI

Free Registration

Facilitator showing community member training content on a laptop
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Help others find mental health resources and support

Nohemi Rivera, our MHM Lead Navigator, shares her passion for working with community and reasons why she’s involved as a Peer Mental Health Navigator.

Video by Mental Health Matters of Washington