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Inclusive and Anti-Oppressive Approaches

“Everything is medicine for us. Our family, our community, how we work together is medicine because it keeps us healthy. Without these things, we stop being who we are. We stop being strong as family and as community.”

Community Health Board Coalition (CHBC) and Latinx Health Board (LxHB) of Washington

To promote mental health in our communities, we use collective methods to support each other and to heal. These activities and strategis are grounded in our culture and our values, in our language, and in our love for one another.  We bring awareness to mental health by using an arts-based and community care approach to healing: through music, dance, poetry, and lifting up and learning from the voices of people most impacted by systems of oppression.

In the video below, Sandra Huber, Co-Director of MHM and Community Engagement Manager at Verdant Health, explains how this philosophy underpins every component of our program.

Sandra Solano Huber, Co-Director of Mental Health Matters

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